We are hiring!

Online Teaching at Inova UPskill| Your advantages

We are hiring

Will you be Inova´s new favorite teacher? Let’s find out.

We are looking for qualified freelance trainers with:
  • Native-level fluency, including native-level intonation, accent and pronunciation
  • Teaching Specialisation in at least one field. For isnstance: finance, real estate, pharmaceutical industry, accounting, technical engineering…etc.
  •  Ability to convey your knowledge of your country, its language and culture.
  • Excellent communicative and intercultural skills
  • Foreign Language Teaching Certification(s) and/or University Degree(s)
  • Experience teaching adults
  •  High level of comfort using internet-based software and technology
  • A reliable broadband internet connection (DSL or cable) installed


Your responsibilities

  • Delivering online-lessons to business professionals according to our general course objectives.
  • Lead lessons with a strong focus on the needs of course participants.
  • Lesson preparation
  • Support and motivate learners to achieve their learning goals.
  • Create a lively, active and positive classroom atmosphere.


We offer

  • Innovation: innovative working environment through our online teaching platform. Be one step ahead of the rest. Discover and enjoy the future of teaching and get qualified for the future.
  • Continual pedagogical support and coaching sessions.
  • Flexibility: Define your own working hours. Work when you want and where you want!
  • Pay: Decide how much you charge per teaching hour. You are the boss! You can set your own teaching reate on our platform. W eonly cut a commission fee per teachhing hour.


  • ✅ Tailored teaching experience to match your expertise
  • ✅ Take control of your earnings – decide how much you make
  • ✅ Enjoy flexibility – work from anywhere, anytime
  • ✅ Establish yourself as a specialist in your field
  • ✅ Build a high-profile training portfolio
  • ✅ Teach high-quality students from diverse business sectors